Turkey Pic Curtis, NE
Turkeys Curtis, NE


3 day/ 1 turkey hunt -$750.00                                   

3 day/ 2 turkey hunt -$900.00                                              

Additional bird-$400.00

Spectator $250.00 for entire hunt

If you book 4 or more hunters you will have all rights to the property for the duration of your hunt.  A maximum of 6 hunters on the area at a time to give hunters plenty of opportunities.

25% due when booking to reserve your spot.

Not Included                                                                              Turkey permits-Nonresidents ($109.00) Residents ($30.00)    Youth ($8.00 15 years old or younger)                                         Habitat Stamp-($25.00) must have to hunt turkeys in Nebraska    Bird Cleaning-($35.00)                                                              Gratuity-Usually 10%

Permits can be purchased by visiting the Nebraska Game and Parks site at outdoornebraska.org or clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.