Shotgun/Archery Semi-Guided-We will show you the areas, blinds, and where the birds are frequenting and you are on your own although we will provide assistance along the way to help you harvest your bird or birds. If you are a novice to turkey hunting just let us know and we can accommodate!



Nebraska permits are all over the counter and no minimum age restrictions for turkey hunting. In Nebraska, the spring season is limited to 3 permits per person although permits are unlimited so you are able to purchase at any time. Season dates vary from late March to the end of May. Hunters early in the season will usually observe bigger groups of birds that have not split up yet and chances of killing multiple birds at a time is greater. Usually mid-April these birds are split up and working single gobblers or small groups allows for more opportunities.

Spring Archery: March 25,2017-May 31, 2017                            Spring Youth Shotgun: April 8,2017-May 31,2017                  Spring Shotgun: April 15, 2017-May 31-2017

The Hunt

Turkey hunting at Fox Creek Outdoors will mostly be done with pop-up blinds or natural blinds set up ahead of your arrival in areas birds are frequenting. Spot and Stalk, locate calling and setting up where the birds are traveling will also be an option if unable to call birds into the blind. Remember these are wild birds so patterns and weather can change tactics from day to day. Shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset. It is unlawful to take any turkey perched in a tree before sunrise. It is also Fox Creek Outdoors policy to not hunt within 200 yards of known roost sites which allows the birds to come back each evening and gives opportunities for the next morning. If you are unable or unwilling to walk most of the areas you will be able to drive in close proximity to the blinds.Typical hunts you will arrive Thursday afternoon to learn the area and meet with the guide. You will hunt Friday-Sunday but other days are available. No hunts will be booked back to back to give the clients the best opportunity at birds.